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In Nathan's debut solo show he tells the high-energy, surreal tale of The Stuntman through clowning, characters, physical comedy and real onstage stunts. It's Evel Knievel meets Looney Tunes and it will leave you breathless!

The Stuntman sees danger everywhere. How could you not when you have to deal with The Faith Healer, Gordon's Hot Chocolate Time, Competitive Naked Sauna, the Infinity Elevator, and a very aggressive giant bird? Trying to prove himself to the ghost of his daredevil Dad (who exploded jumping 40 buses), he discovers that the most dangerous stunt of all is confronting your past. Covering themes of masculinity, machismo and male role models, The Stuntman is an adults-only physical comedy show with very few words and a lot of stupidity. 

After all, you have to be a complete idiot to be this fearless. 

The Stuntman has been performed to great acclaim at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Leicester Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe, Prague Fringe and Shaftesbury Fringe.

"A whirlwind of
high-kicking energy...
a magical show of physical comedy. Don't miss out!" 

StandupCom Magazine

"An effortless, remarkable piece of clownery...
contains the funniest moment I've seen all Fringe"


"Clowning and comic brilliance...
Five huge, daring, brave and hilarious stars out of five."

Jonathan Pyle, founder of Purple Teapot Puppet Company

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