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"Unquestionably the production's greatest asset. His Michael, a Nietzsche-obsessed nut who swings in every possible direction - and practises naked yoga to prove it - is a horrible, hilariously credible creation."

Time Out

"Electric, hilarious and very creepy."

"Outstanding as the on-the-edge control freak Michael."

UK Theatre Network

"Nathan Lang's Doug, a rabid pyromaniac charging around the stage like a bull terrier, reinforces that intensity. He takes delight in every opportunity to be dirty, his hand never strays far from his crotch and his eyes gleam with an absorbing mischief."

The Stage

"Doug, played by Nathan Lang, was both alarming and wickedly funny as a pyromaniac, bursting on-set like an evil spectre."

The Public Reviews

"Nathan Lang is all sparky energy."

West End Extra

Nathan Godkin, also of Neighbours fame, plays the heavily sedated musical genius Zac, in his alternate states of near narcosis and jittering intensity, with such precision that one wants to get up and shower him with spontaneous applause."

Extra! Extra!

"Nathan Lang is far more than a skilful performer; he's a true entertainer with showbiz running through his veins like vintage wine."

StandupCom Magazine

"Offering up some pretty ropey stunts and a fearless approach to audience interaction, the story unfolds in a series of sketches that showcase Lang's consummate physical comedy skills to the max... Lang has come a long way since playing Pinhead on Neighbours"

The List

"Crowd favourites include Lang’s impersonations of Hollywood legends."

The Reviews Hub

"Woody Allen, Christopher Walker, Robert De Niro – Lang does them with such stupid commitment, he pulls it off. And his De Niro face is an excellently grotesque caricature."


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